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The introduction of cutter dredger

2016-07-20 10:28:43

Below is the introduction of cutter suction dredger:
The cutter suction dredger can't separate the running, it need the tugboat towing to dredging area, then posit the dredging point by the positioning system, before dredging and after completing the layout of the discharging pipeline and other works, confirm the cutter location and the dredging depth according to positioning system, then begin excavating. Through the working of the reamer rubbing the silt ground,the mud will be discharged to the designate area through the pipe.
After determining the dredging location, there is another work making sure the drop anchor sequence according to the flow situation. Generally, drop the upper anchor at first: transfer the cutter onto the dredging line, put down the cutter to the river bottom for fixation dredger. The operation staff should grasp the anchor dropping position, the angle is about 45 degree from the anchor cable to the front of dredger, but not less than 45 degree as better. After determine the location, immediately drop the anchor, the cutter can be lift up when the anchor ready. 

There are three dredging methods for the cutter suction dredger
1, dredging in section, divide the river into several parts, each part is probably about 80-100 meters.

2, dredging in layer. according to the situation of mud layer, dredging to suit for the cutter working ability.
3,  dredging by the cutter. The thick of cutter is about 0.3-1.0 meters, each layer can dredging in 2-4 cutter.


 Above is the introduction of cutter suction dredger, more information please visit:

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