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The dredging methods about cutter suction dredger

2016-07-12 10:17:48

Below is the dredging methods about cutter suction dredger:
Section excavation method
1, the excavated length is greater than the effective length of dredger water pipeline stretch, should be  section dredging according to the dredger and the length of the water pipeline.
2, the chamfer curved section need divide into a number of straight line section when dredging,.

3, the chamfer specification is complex or excavated have different specifications or time limit for a project requirements, it should segments according to the requirements of the contract.
4, if interference by sailing or other factors, the dredging can be carried out in accordance with the need.

Float downstream and upstream method
it is appropriate using the downstream method when dredging in the inland river and positing by gauge pile. and the upstream method suit for the positing by anchor cable. When the flow rate is larger, we can choose the downstream method and take the tail anchor for safe.

Above is the dredging methods of cutter suction dredger, more information please visit:

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